Personalizing your profile
Personalizing your profile Personalizing your profile

Before you start publishing your stories on Wattpad, you can customize your profile page to tell people about yourself. Keep in mind that your profile information will be visible to all users. 

Setting up your profile

Once you have created your account and verified your email, you will be able to customize your profile by updating your name, description, profile picture, and more. 

Ami Speare Wattpad profile

Display name

When you create an account on Wattpad, you’ll have a username and a name. Your username is what identifies your account and is unique to you. It’s how people will search for you or your stories, tag you in a comment, or dedicate a story to you. Your display name only appears on your profile and does not need to be unique to you. It’s for display only, and therefore cannot be used to search your profile, tag you, or dedicate a story to you. 


Use your 'about' field to tell people more about yourself. Best practices include writing something that lets the Wattpad community know more about you. Think about communicating everything you want others to know about you as a creator, whether that’s genres you like, your hobbies, how long you’ve been writing, or anything else. Your description can be a maximum of 2000 characters in length and cannot include any links. Remember to leave out personal information, like your location or phone number.

Profile picture

Your account will start out with one of our default profile pictures (cute kittens, anyone?), but you’ll be able to change your profile picture at any point to personalize your profile and keep it fresh. Your avatar should be clear and visible at a small scale (think: mobile users). Your image should be sized at 128x128px, less than 1MB, and in JPG, PNG, or GIF format. 

Background image

You can personalize your profile even further by adding a background image, which can further help tell your story. Your background image could be a collage of your favorite things, a picture of you and your friends, show a scene or picture you love, or even support a cause that’s important to you. Your background image should be sized at 1920x600px, under 1MB, and in JPG, PNG, or GIF format. 


Wattpad is currently offered in 12 languages. There are two language options that you can adjust on Wattpad:

  • Story language: This changes the language of the stories that are recommended for you to read
  • Display language: This changes the language that Wattpad is displayed in


You have the ability to add a location to your account, which will be displayed under the About section on your profile for all to see. 

Reading Lists

Your Reading Lists appear on your profile as recommendations and are public to everyone. There is no way to make them private. Your Library and Archive are private. 


Your stories are public by default. However, you can change whole stories or parts of stories to private, meaning they will not appear on your profile to people who are not following you.

It’s your profile. Make it look good and people will come check it out!

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