Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the last WattCon ever / will there be a WattCon in 2020?

We hope not! We haven’t yet determined our activities for 2020 but we’re very aware of how much of a beloved IRL event WattCon is, so we definitely plan to explore additional opportunities that can still provide connections and helps nurture and develop writer skills and opportunities. 

Can we host our own WattCon or meet-ups?

We definitely encourage our Wattpad community to engage in meet-ups and to celebrate the connection developed through stories created and shared. However, we’d like to maintain the WattCon brand as we continue to pursue and develop ways to bring the WattCon magic to our community. 

What Wattpad resources exist that provide the same advice, tips, and skills development that WattCon did?

We revamped our Writer Opportunities section on Wattpad for this specific reason! You can find access to videos, tools, programs, and writing monetization opportunities all on Wattpad here.


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